Solent Family Mediation - Aldershot

Family mediation services is an option that is able to help you if you are experiencing a family or partnership breakdown or dispute.

It will aid you to take full control as well as responsibility to reach a final agreement without the intervention of the law.

Why customers choose us in Aldershot

Solent Family Mediation - Aldershot

Mediation services usually leads to a more satisfactory result and better understanding on both sides without involving the courts as well.

Qualified mediators are doing their utmost effort to achieve a positive result in disputes including the contact and domicile of children, personal finances, the distribution of property and much more.

In addition they aid to the improvement of the different degrees of cooperation between both parties. Mediation services are a great way to resolve your differences in any area of family law. 


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How Family Mediation in Aldershot can help you?

If all else fails the courts are always an option in family disputes but should only be taken into consideration when other solution haven’t been successful.

The outcome of most mediation services are positive which excludes an involvement of the courts.

Types of people and reasons to use family mediation service

A family mediation service can help a wide variety of people deal with an equally wide number of issues.

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One of the most devastating things to befall a family can be when a couple splits up. This can be particularly hard on children, but communication, via mediation, can ensure that both parents come to an agreement over access to their children. Grandparents and extended family should be considered regarding this also. Deciding on what happens to the family assets and home is also something that mediation can help with. Mediation can help to resolve problems equally well in either a heterosexual or same sex relationship.

Mediation helps to resolve business-related disputes and relevant financial matters amicably. While mediation looks to resolve issues involving pensions, savings and investments.

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Mediation Information Assessment Meeting with an approved mediator from Solent and get a Form FM1 to prove that they have done so.

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