Solent Family Mediation - Andover

Family mediation Andover is an alternative that can assist you in the event of a family or partnership breakup or dispute. It will help you assume complete control and responsibility in order to reach a final agreement outside of the court system.

In most cases, mediation results in a more agreeable resolution and a better understanding on both sides without entering the courts.

Why customers choose us in Andover

  • Qualified mediators are exerting every effort to obtain a favourable outcome in disputes involving the custody and residence of children, personal finances, and the distribution of property, among other issues.
  • In addition, they help strengthen the various degrees of cooperation between both sides.
  • Courts are always an option for resolving family issues, but they should only be considered when all other options have failed.
  • The majority of mediation processes result in beneficial outcomes, which precludes judicial involvement.

How Family Mediation in Andover can help you?

If family contact has broken down, these services can be of great assistance by serving as a bridge between both parties.

Working with parents, grandparents, or same-sex couples, mediation services will strengthen your relationship with a family member.

Whether this involves your children, parents, or spouse, we can assist with financial, business, asset, savings, and investment matters, as well as child custody and parenting planning.

Establishing a line of communication between you is the cornerstone of reuniting you so that you may resolve the issue and go forward.

A professional mediation service for families through separation

Non-judgmental, objective counsel from experienced mediators adhering to a code of ethics
Financial or child-related expertise is provided.

In the event of family collapse, direction toward self-resolution of decisions about emotional, practical, and financial matters.

Provides a cost-effective alternative to the court system Ministry of Justice-approved as a first step or alternative before judicial proceedings

Arrangements are made at a time, place, and date that is convenient for the client. All cases are handled in full confidence.

A breakup between parents can be extremely difficult on children.

Children are often caught in the middle of parental disputes, but mediation can help parents work out custody arrangements that benefit everyone.

In this case, it’s important to think about the grandparents and other relatives.

Mediation can also be helpful when deciding what will happen to the family home and other property.

Any couple, regardless of their sexual orientation, can benefit from using mediation to work out their differences and move on.

Amicably settling disagreements about money and other financial issues in business is one of mediation’s many benefits.

Pension, savings, and investment disputes are a common topic for mediation.

Mediation Information Evaluation Meeting with a Solent-approved mediator and obtaining Form FM1 as evidence of this.

More information on MIAM and FM1

First, a preliminary mediation meeting, also known as an MIAM, must be concluded. They are also known as “intake meetings.” You can occasionally go with a companion, despite the fact that you normally attend alone. In such a circumstance, the mediator will still wish to speak with each of you separately.

The MIAM carries out two functions:

You have the opportunity to convey the circumstances, issues, intended resolution, and any concerns to the mediator.
In addition, it permits the mediator to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the mediation procedure. If mediation is appropriate for your case, the mediator will determine this next. Moreover, at this stage, you have the option of attempting mediation.

This could alter based on the conditions. Numerous parties are able to reach an agreement at a single joint mediation session for a specific issue, such as Christmastime child custody arrangements, a trip abroad, or an adjustment to the amount of spousal support.

For parenting or financial conflicts, the majority of clients have an average of three 90-minute mediation sessions.