Blame Free Divorces

Today’s marriages are full of break ups due to behavioral erosion which results to divorce. It’s painful to be in a situation of divorce since; you don’t possess full control of this condition. Where the dispute between husband and wife cannot be resolved then it leaves you with no option other than filing a law suit for divorce. Basically, children are on the receiving end when divorce happens in the family. The worst bit of it is the huge cost incurred in hiring advocates who file the law suit for you and also represents you in court. However, there is a modernized way of carrying out divorce proceedings in a more civilized and economical way. This type of divorce is referred to as blame free divorce. It involves agreement by divorcing couples not to raise any justification for divorce which is allowed by the court. The biggest question is, are blame free divorces a good thing? Well, it is good and here are the reasons that support it.

Does not call for the public attention 

Divorce is not only viewed as a marriage failure but as a general failure in life. It does not portray a good picture to the public at all. The normal divorce attracts much of public attention causing a permanent damage to your reputation as opposed to blame free divorces which can be done without necessarily inviting the public. We all know what reputations means and therefore, no one person would dare compromise it under avoidable circumstances.

Cost effective

It’s much more economical since the legal fees involved may be reduced. Lawyers’ charges are the ones that hike up cost of law suit. This cost is further increased when the time taken for the ruling to be granted is extended.

Time saving 

Time is money as economist say. Wasted time taken to attend hearings and visits to the lawyers is saved. These will allow you to continue with you activities without much interference from the court.

Protection of children’s interest

Children are very delicate to handle particularly if they are below 18 years of age. If a divorce happens, they may be emotionally affected and this would have negative impact to them in future. Some of these effects may be seen through poor grades and drastic changes in their behaviors. To avoid all that trouble you may opt for blame free divorce which does not raise an alarm as it may be done in secrete and children won’t have to be part of it. This will save the state of mind of your children for the for a long time before they become ready for the bad news.

It minimizes the level of hatred

It is not good to create permanent enmity with a person whom you have shared part of your life with. By using blame free divorce the level of hatred may be greatly minimized or even done away with.

If you are facing divorce challenge and you are thinking of the ways of going about it, blame free divorce would be the most preferred option.




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