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Child Custody in the United Kingdom – Mediation Brighton

Understanding British child custody The vast majority of Family Mediation Brighton situations involve kid arrangements. This may involve where children will reside or how often and for how long they will spend time with each parent. Numerous parents refer to this as “custody,” but this term is no longer used in family court. The courts

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When I file for divorce, do I need a consent order? – Mediation Weymouth

A financial concert order is a legally enforceable agreement on a couple’s finances that is issued during the Mediation Weymouth process of a divorce. During a Mediation Weymouth divorce proceeding, obtaining a consent order refers to any legally enforceable financial choices that are made and agreed upon by both parties. Is a consent order a

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The Role of Assertiveness in the Avoidance of Conflict – Mediation Weymouth

What exactly is meant by the term “assertive communication,” and why is it beneficial? There is a widespread misunderstanding regarding assertive communication, namely the idea that assertiveness leads to problems or conflicts. However, in my experience as a Mediation Weymouth mediator, I have found that the majority of the disagreements in which I have been

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1.CREATE YOUR TWO-YEAR PLAN Let’s start with the end in mind. Rather than concentrating on the here and now of your divorce, take a moment apart from everything to think about what you would like your life to look like in two years. Where would you prefer to be living? What would you prefer to

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WHAT IS DIVORCE MEDIATION? If you are in the midst of preparing a divorce, you should seriously evaluate whether or not you might benefit from Divorce Mediation Hove . Everyone involved is going through a difficult and emotional time, but going through a divorce with the help of a mediator can actually make things simpler.

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How Mediation Swanage works in family law conflicts

Mediation in Swanage has shown to be an effective method for resolving family law conflicts. A family’s disagreements are of the utmost importance and must be addressed with patience and a solution from which all sides may gain. It also resolves disagreements more quickly than in court. Recently, my housekeeper was forced to apply for

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