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The Top Ten Advantages of Participating in Mediation Swanage

In the process of family mediation, which is an entirely voluntary procedure, an impartial and professionally qualified mediator assists divorcing or separating spouses in finding solutions to problems that develop as a result of the breakup of their relationship. In this blog post, Our Family Law Mediator details the top 10 advantages of going through

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Are Mediators Independent? – Mediation Gloucester

Why do we need unbiased mediators? Sometimes we need to have a third party engaged in our lives. We utilise physicians, attorneys, professors and plumbers to cure our issues or transfer their expertise without a regard to any assumptions they possess. Mediators are no different. Separation is generally the most emotional and terrifying period in

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A Long-Term Resolution to Child Custody Disputes Through Mediation Bournemouth

Why it’s Beneficial for Children When Their Parents Participate in Mediation Even If They Live Abroad The settlement of child custody cases involving expats increasingly favours mediation and other types of alternative dispute resolution. Once upon a time, people had the misconception that such instances were too controversial to profit from such techniques of resolution.

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Is shuttle Mediation Croydon better than video call?

It may be impossible for both parties to participate in the Mediation in Croydon process at the same time in some situations because it will be too challenging. Whatever the reasons for this may be, the end result is a procedure known as “shuttle mediation,” in which the parties in issue will be in different

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Ultimate Guide To Child Arrangement Orders – Mediation Cheltenham

What is an Order for Child Arrangements? Mediation Cheltenham Child Arrangements Order is a sort of court order that makes decisions regarding children, most typically on which parent they will reside with and whether or not they will visit the other parent. A Kid Arrangement Order can be quite flexible, stating that a child resides

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Parental Obligation: Who Is A Parent? – Mediation Cheltenham

What is Parental Obligation? The legal definition of Parental Responsibility is… “every legal right, duty, power, responsibility, and authority that a parent of a kid has with respect to the child and his property” When Parliament was debating the Children Act of 1989, it refused to define precisely what it meant to be a parent;

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