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When is Family Mediation Bristol needed?

Divorce and other forms of separation may be extremely difficult life transitions that need a great deal of reorganisation on the part of all parties involved. Family Mediation Bristol is a technique that may be used instead of going to court. It provides you with a mediator who is impartial and trained to assist you

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How do children cope when their parents divorce?

Regardless of whether or not we as parents plan for it to occur, there is always the possibility that our children may become embroiled in a family disagreement that has been brought about as a result of a divorce or separation. This is not the children’s fault. The purpose of the material that may be

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Should social media be used during a separation? – Mediation Bognor

Separation and the use of social media The social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are here to stay. On social media, millions of individuals regularly document and discuss significant life events. There have been numerous wonderful events that have been shared with the virtual world, ranging from a promotion to the birth of

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Family Mediation Bath – obstacles and possibilities

The previous year has prompted everyone of us to consider what is most significant in our lives. Family and pals. Freedom. It has also made us anticipate life after the epidemic, and this, together with the stresses of lockdown, home-schooling, and everything else the year 2020 threw at us, has resulted in many couples wanting

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