Solent Family Mediation - Christchurch

If you are going through a divorce or a problem with a spouse in a domestic partnership, family mediation Christchurch may be able to help.

It will help you assume complete command and accountability as you work toward a mutually satisfying resolution outside of the court system.

Why customers choose us in Christchurch

  • A team of expert advisors and guides, each having relevant experience in the law and setting an example in their own right.
  • Expert guidance tailored to each unique circumstance, so you can make informed decisions.
  • The atmosphere is quiet and neutral, and everyone is treated fairly.
  • Your individual needs will be taken into account while creating a schedule for your sessions.
  • Services are provided in an objective manner and are kept strictly private.
  • eliminates the potential for a drawn-out legal battle, which might be financially draining and emotionally taxing.

How Family Mediation in Christchurch can help you?

Rather of resorting to the courts, mediation Christchurch can often lead to a more amicable resolution and deeper mutual understanding.

Professional mediators are working hard to reach an agreement in cases involving child custody, visitation, and residency, as well as money, property, and other matters.

People who might benefit from and use a family mediation Christchurch service

The persons who can benefit from a family mediation service are as varied as the problems they face.

Get in touch with Us ASAP if you’re curious.

Courts are always an option for resolving family issues if everything else fails, but they should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted. Most mediations end well, avoiding a judicial case.

Solent Family Mediation provides services for cases like these and more.

All relationships are valuable, and Solent Family Mediation respects that. To put it another way, we can be the ones to help you regain your footing if you lose your way. Our mediators are here to help you resolve any dispute, including ones involving your children’s best interests, your money, your family home, your pension, your company, your parenting plans, your savings, your investments, your communication, and your possessions.

Yes, however, if you or anyone else is in danger of suffering a serious injury, we may be forced to alert the appropriate authorities. A mediator is required by law to report any suspected fraud, including benefit fraud, tax evasion, unreported income, and money laundering.

Family mediation is a means of assisting families in reaching agreements on separation or divorce issues. It is an increasingly frequent option to seek the court to decide on family-related matters.