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Collaborative legislation Mediation of Families Hove, an alternative to mediation, is another means for a divorcing couple to settle their differences outside of court. It is the result of a series of round table sessions between you, your ex-partner/spouse, and your respective attorneys.

Together, you will sign an agreement outlining several principles for how you want to address disputes and announcing your goal to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. You both agree that you will hire new attorneys if the process fails, creating a strong incentive for all parties to try for agreement and resolution. All Collaborative law Solent Family Mediation Hove talks take conducted face-to-face and “around the table,” allowing you as a couple to direct the process and reduce the amount of communication.

Collaborative legislation Solent Family Mediation Hove may be a valuable method for discussing the details of a prenuptial agreement, since all parties’ desires and concerns can be addressed in person before final terms are agreed upon.

With us squad of family court experts includes a number of collaboratively trained attorneys, (who was instrumental in setting up the collaborative family court model of dispute resolution in this country) who are able to discuss the suitability of this approach to your specific situation.

Examples of recent work

  • Representing the husband of a City professional in settling a financial settlement with his wife during a series of collaborative discussions with the wife and her attorney. The husband’s salary was high, and the case entailed questions regarding child support (amount, structure and term of payment). A innovative and customised settlement was reached, providing the husband with assurance and providing separate retirement funds/pension for the wife.
  • Represented a woman from the UK who was getting into a prenuptial agreement with her fiance from the UK. Our client had inherited money while her fiancé had business interests, and we worked together in a series of sessions to draught a prenuptial agreement that addressed these and other concerns.
  • Representing a wife seeking a big financial settlement from her hedge fund manager husband. The assets surpassed £40 million, and the settlement (based on a clean split) was reached after extensive tax and offshore pension counsel.

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