Solent Family Mediation : Coronavirus Updation



We have assisted numerous customers online and are nationally recognised as being experts in this field.

So, if you’ve an issue or disagreement you desire help with, and you have a device with a camera and a good wifi or 4g connection, call us on 0238 161 1051

Solent Family Mediation is continuously committed to keeping our clients and personnel safe. With instant results, we can provide Mediation by means of Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or Zoom as an option to face to face meetings. Please call us to go over how we can assist you.

The coronavirus breakout is causing huge adjustments in the manner we live our daily lives. Our relationships will be extremely important for getting us through this however self-isolation, social distancing and other issues might likewise put them under pressure. Here you can discover further information and suggestions for household mediation service throughout the pandemic.

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