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Often, those we hold dearest in life are the members of our own family. But, even within families, disputes can break out, and because they involve those closest to us, matters can quickly escalate to the detriment of all involved.

Such disputes can be settled in court but the legal process can be expensive and drawn-out, its adversarial nature only serving to make matters worse and increase ill-feeling.

What’s more, the judge will have the final say in the conflict’s resolution, even if one or both parties are not satisfied with it, meaning no one may be happy with the outcome except the lawyers.

That’s why Solent family mediation is useful.

Through it, an impartial professional helps the involved parties reach a solution they’re both happy which will help save them a lot of time, money and heartache.

And the good news is that the majority of people who use a family mediation service reach a solution that doesn’t involve them having to go to court.

The mediator creates suitable conditions for constructive dialogue, aiming to ensure the discussions are fair. However, the parties themselves settle on the solutions.

The mediator might recommend you take legal advice but won’t give advice, tell you what to do or voice an opinion on whether your agreement is good for you.

If the agreement is to be presented to a judge, to become legally binding, the mediator may, based on previous experience, inform you as to whether a court is likely to accept it.

The service can be used in a wide range of disputes, including but not limited to:

With its ability to produce an amicable solution that may remove the need for legal action, there’s no doubt that family mediation is a vital service and one that all families should look to before even contemplating going through the courts.

from Sussex

I needed to get separation from my spouse however cash was a main thing to consider. But thanks to Solent Family Mediation, they helped at really affordable rates and I was very satisfied.

S from Southampton

Subsequent to having issues with my ex over the last few years, I attempted to go for parental responsibility my frend proposed me Solent family mediation. I should say mediation was very helpful.

F from Guildford

On the off chance that you are in a state of divorce, you must take help of Solent Family Mediation I recommend. They truly let you know each part of the separation and you get the best results for yourself.

O from Horsham

My friends were getting divorced however I proposed them to go for mediation. We picked Solent Family Mediators and I should let you know, they did everything professionally and satisfyingly.

T from Croydon

Solent Family Mediators are impartial and if you are hoping to avoid the courts they save time and cash both!

T from Staines

In the event that you are stuck in a rut since and don’t have the sort of money that lawyers demand, look for the assistance of these astounding individuals at Solent Family Mediation.

F from Brighton

If you want your divorce proceedings to pass quickly and smoothly then Solent Family Mediation Horsham Service is just perfect for you. They helped us overcome our challenges with our children and I’m really grateful for that.

E from Brighton

Solent Family Mediation Brighton really, after my divorce I faced child parenting issues but thankfully these people helped us and in no time everything was normal again.

W from Southampton

We wanted to get separated, but we were really worried about those lengthy divorce procedures so after recommendation from our common friend we decided to take help from Solent Family Mediation Southampton and thanks to these people we are now happily living separately.

H from Farnham

After my separation, I was not allowed to meet my children regularly. My friend asked me to seek help from Solent Family mediation and after just one visit I got exactly what I wanted

J from Hook

These people are pure professionals, they know about all children issues and are also very good at dealing with kids.

S from Aldershot

My family life was in ruins with my ex so we decided to consult Solent Family Mediation Aldershot and to my amazement, in a single session all of our issues were resolved.

T from Hampshire

Nothing was going right for me and there was nobody there to help me until I met these people. Solent Family Mediation Hamps helped us overcome our problems and now I’m very happy with seeing my child again.

P from Leatherhead

Anybody who’s going through a difficult phase in their life should take help from Solent Family Mediation. These people know how to handle difficult situations sensitively. Brilliant work guys.

D from New Forrest

When I caught my husband cheating on me, I immediately decided to file for divorce but, I was worried as I didn’t knew how to proceed. My mother told me to call these people and we managed to work out a solution.

G from Windsor

I decided to end my business partnership, but I didn’t know how to proceed. After consulting my close friend, I called Solent Family Mediation Berks and I don’t know how these people convinced my greedy partner to return all of my shares. Thank you for helping me out.

N from Woking

Solent family Mediation Woking helped me get access to my children back, the case of which was stuck from a long time and I thank them for all their support. Amazing work guys!

S from Guildford

Failing to take a mutual decision myself and my ex partner decided to take Solent family mediation’s help and ultimately managed to settle everything being fair at the same time.

D from Cobham

I wanted a fair outcome to be taken for the house division between me and my ex without affecting our children. Thanks guys! Couldn’t have been possible without you all.

J from Basingstoke

It was a completely easy taking Solent family mediation’s support for all the discussions in my divorce disputes.

H from Leatherhead

I am really thankful to you people for bringing me and my ex husband arranging issues. Could have never been possible without your help. Thank you!

L from Surrey

We could not agree over what happened to the children over the Christmas period so opted for mediation and it worked.

C from Kingston Upon Thames

Me and my wife were facing difficulties understanding the divorce proceedings. We are finally done with all the formalities very quickly, without any confusion. These guys not only know how to be professional but also take care of people’s emotions while carrying out the procedures.

L from Reading

Thanks to solent family mediation! It has been possible only because of you that after a divorce with my husband, they helped me with getting access visitation of my kids .

W from Aldershot

Having no legal knowledge at all, I was afraid if I could have been wronged by my ex-partner. Thankfully it was all done very smoothly, with all the information known to both the parties in a very economical way.

S from Surbiton

I really thank them for making it all so easy for me in these tough times Solent Family Mediation helped us with their professionals and come to a mutual ground for children and finances.

D from Portsmouth

Solent Family Mediation helped us with a MIAMS.

K from Reigate

Solent Family Mediation helped in mediated a dispute that had been going since my husband left the family home.

R from Crawley

Solent Family Mediation helped me and my ex-partner make our parenting issues work much better.

T from Woking

Solent Family Mediation helped us seek family mediation for debts we had when we were together.

B from Hastings

Solent Family Mediation provided us with professionally trained individuals with the highest qualification and experience in sorting out disputes.

C from Shoreham

When we decided to separate, my biggest concern was to tell my children about my situation. So, I thought of trying mediation service and thanks to Solent Mediation all of my worries were over in a single visit. Couldn’t have asked for more, great work guys.

F from Cobham

People at Solent are purely focussed on solutions. They know about all the things related to divorce, plus they helped me throughout the whole procedure. Just Brilliant.

A from Basingstoke

After divorce, I wasn’t allowed to see my children regularly so I chose to goto mediation with my ex to get help from Solent Mediation. These people considered all of my problems and because of them, now I can meet my children more frequently. Thank you so much guys.

D from Horsham

My business partner was getting too greedy so I decided to end out partnership. But, I didn’t know how to proceed and that’s when I took help from these people. In a few meetings we sorted stuff out.

T from Reading

When we decided to get separated, our main concern was planning around children. But, thanks to Solent Family, we not only got what we wanted, but our kids were also not affected by our divorce.

D from Solent

Due to my busy schedule we started to drift apart. When the issues were beyond our control, we thought of trying mediation service and thanks we seem to be moving forward.

B from Southampton

We was looking for a family mediator in Southampton. We found Solent Family Mediation. I was impressed with their style of work and was impartial throughout.

D from Maidstone

Solent Family Mediation are the most reliable guys for the task of family mediation. These guys provided me with us both guidance & helped us to sort the issues regarding kids.

J from Surrey

Needed help with issues around passports with my ex partner and mediation worked to have a civil conversation.

D from Newbury

Solent Family Mediation has helped me a lot. I had called them to seek help for getting a divorce with my wife and sorting out house sale etc.

T from Southampton

These guys helped me with everything and offered real support.

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