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In the course of our Divorce Mediation Surrey training at MWI, I became acquainted with Linda, who would later become my co-mediator. After ten years of teaching mindfulness, I was making the shift to a new profession in Solent Family Mediation. Linda had recently retired after serving as a family court judge for twenty years, and the transfer to divorce Mediation Surrey felt like the logical next step for her. Almost immediately, I took a like to Linda. It was difficult not to appreciate her since she was an intelligent and self-assured lady who came from an Ivy League family and had a “bootstrap” mentality. While her expertise filled the room and left her colleagues in awe, she maintained a modest demeanour and a curious interest while she spoke, which put all of us at ease. She exuded a calm assurance, which was something I admired very much about her.

It turned out that the only thing Linda and I had in common was the aspiration to act as mediators in divorce proceedings. We had the same qualities of being artistic, outgoing, daring, and fearless: Perhaps the thing that binds us together the most is the fact that each of us is the matriarch of a contemporary mixed family. We have a total of 16 children between us, along with all of the related issues that can be imagined (she edges my seven kids and step-kids out with her nine). We are in a continual state of practising mediation because, like a tide, our time is always shifting between work and family. As a result, the abilities that we rely on the most at home naturally find their way into our professional Mediation Surrey sessions. For example, empathic listening, having a grounded viewpoint, being competent, not passing judgement, and having genuine concern for the individuals we serve are all important.

The Initial Attempt at Co-Mediation

After a few months had passed since our training, Linda and I were teamed up to jointly co-mediate a divorce case. In advance, we made preparations by dividing the Topics Checklist into sections and assigning roles to those who would deliver the various parts of the introductions. For instance, we may agree that I’ll take the lead on child custody and parenting time, while you’ll handle the distribution of assets. Following that, we started to work.

We were able to get into a rhythm in a really short amount of time. Together, Linda’s expertise in agreement writing and my lightning-fast typing fingers and knowledge of technology made for the ideal team. In addition to this, we facilitated our customers’ connections with helpful specialists and provided them with reality checks on their parenting and financial choices. In addition, we provided a secure environment in which our customers could evaluate and communicate their requirements and come to mutually agreeable terms. After working together for a few months on our first case, the clients ultimately decided to get back together.

This couple’s decision to remain together was influenced by a variety of circumstances, the most of which they chose to keep hidden. As for Linda and I, we took great pride in the fact that we were able to cultivate a calm and considerate environment for our clients, one in which they were free to discuss their divorce in an open and forthright manner and make well-considered choices for the future of their family.

Why Should We Conciliate Together?

Linda and I have continued to act as joint mediators in other conflicts. Along the road, I have handled various instances by myself as a mediator. On the other hand, I miss working with Linda for personal reasons — I am a sociable person; I like to work in groups and cooperate; I like to learn by watching others — and also for the quality of the service that we deliver as a group when we work together. During our sessions together, we allow each other the freedom to explore, and in the time between our sessions, we serve as a reliable sounding board for one another. Above all else, co-mediation Surrey provides us with the opportunity to fill in the gaps for one another. Linda’s experience in court is unmatched, and I am skilled with document organisation and follow-up. The most essential thing that we do together is establish a secure environment in which our customers may reimagine their relationships as they go from being spouses and wives to being exes and co-parents.

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