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Because this is a voluntary process, the time spent mediating is fully dependant on the complexity of conflicts at hand, the intricacy of the resolution and the willingness of all parties involved.

It can be resolved in anywhere from one meeting to just a few weeks but either which way, open communication, full commitment and professionalism on part of the mediator is guaranteed.

Essentially in methods of divorce and separation mediation, the mediator’s job is to conduct, not a council, the discussions of a settlement in an unbiased, non-judgmental manner while remaining sensitive to the emotional toll this can take on you and your ex-partner as well as any children involved.

All mediators are accredited in the highest standards of training and approach every client case impartially while maintaining complete confidentiality. The topics that are frequently disputed such circumstances include; the division of finances, assets, property and other contractual agreements.

In addition, aspects such as child care, visitation and custody become major subjects of discussion when minors are engaged.

With the exception of certain extenuating circumstances, the method of mediation is able to encompass almost all types of cases and disputes that arise from the legal dissolution of a relationship.

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