Legal Aid For Family Law Matters

Legal Aid For Family Law Matters

In this article information about getting help related to cost of legal issues regarding family matters. It will make you aware about the type of help covered in legal aid. You will get to know about the evidence, which are needed for legal aid in case of private disputes like custody of children.

So, what is legal aid?It defines the use of the public finds to get any legal advice or for any mediation related issue and for court representation. The legal Aid Agency is in charge of the legal aid, in Wales and in England. From 1 April 2013, the legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders At 2012 manage and governs the legal aid.

Let’s talk about the three considerations of the legal aid:

-The issue or matter should be within the scope of the legal aid.

-Means test- if you are not able to afford the legal cost in your case.
-Merits test: the likelihood of success, and the reasonableness of the price and costs, in order to check whether the reasonable person is using the money to pay for the legal matters or the case.

Now, let’s check out the Family matters that are included in the legal aid:

-If you are going through a family dispute, in which there is fight about the custody of the children and also regarding the finance and property, especially after the separation of the partners, then the mediation cost will be covered under legal aid.

-The applications for occupation order or for the non-molestation order are also included in legal aid.

-Under the protection of Harassment Act 1997, the applications for any restraining order will also be provided legal aid.

-The applications regarding the arrangement of the children, or any domestic violence from the other party will be covered under the legal aid.

-The applications regarding forced marriage protection orders will be given legal aid.

-Supervision order or care order in which the proceedings has been bought by any local authority.

-Even the cases where the child has been taken out of the country without the consent of the other parent.

So, if you are not able to handle your legal expenses, then you can take legal aid. You just have to provide the details regarding your property, savings, finance, benefits, income, shares and even the shares of your partner. Find a good Family Mediation Service in Shoreham to know better about these things.


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