Moral Support To The Litigant In The Family Cases

Sometimes it becomes impossible to solve the matter of family feud, you think of applying in the court to resolve the matter. But for this, one needs to hire a solicitor which again becomes a problem for those who cannot bear the fees of the solicitor for their legal advices.

It is only possible when the case is extraordinary. If you chose to do the litigation process own your own, it may become an irksome experience for you. It is better to have someone with you so as to make this experience a good one.

If you want someone’s assistance as LIP (litigant in person) then it is a McKenzie friend who can help you in your legal process. When you are in court for your case then a McKenzie friend offers you the moral support. They do not represent any lawyer and do not consult with any barrister.

McKenzie friend can help you in a lot of ways in your legal proceedings as he can sit with you in a court, help you in taking the important notes and also gives you the advice when you need. In the United Kingdom, if a person is having any family case, they have the right to represent them and can also hire a solicitor who is known as litigant in person.

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Mostly people represent themselves in a court because of the high fees, yet they do not get the legal aid to pay for the fees. It becomes easy to represent yourself in the court when you have a McKenzie friend. There are a lot of benefits of having a McKenzie friend which are as follows: 

  • Moral support -It helps you getting ready for the case in advance and sits with you in a court. It provides you with the moral support which helps you in the case. It is very less stressful as they can go with you in court and helps in raising the facts in the court. 
  • Papers -McKenzie friend assists you with the papers in the legal case. It can help you in a lot of ways as they have experience in this field and can help you in raising the important issues in the case. 
  • Various issues -It provides you advices on various issues like the procedures related to the court, issues which the litigant should raise in the family court, the issues which the litigant wants to ask from the witnesses. It can be resolved easily with the help of McKenzie friend. 
  • Cost effective Hiring a professional McKenzie friend turns out to be cost effective when the advice given by these people is useful to you in your case. You need not spend a lot of money in hiring a lawyer when you can get the same advice and moral support from the McKenzie friend.


Permission for McKenzie friend

Sometimes a judge may deny the permission for the McKenzie friend if he has the reputation for disturbing the proceedings of the court. In such cases, the permission is denied when the person is viewed as the hindrance to the judicial system.

If the McKenzie friend is with the litigant together, a prior warning is received before any type of refusal. A valid reason must be given by the judge if the judge refuses to give the permission. Demand of the McKenzie friend has increased is it helps you in giving the legal advice.

In some different cases, McKenzie friend is given the right of audience in which they get the chance to speak in the court on behalf of the litigant. This happens in only some cases and permission is granted by the judge. Earlier, the family members used to be the McKenzie friend to whom you would not have to pay but it’s no longer the case.

A professional McKenzie friend will charge a low fee which is cheaper than the lawyers. This helps you in the legal proceedings of your family feud. So it is better to hire some professional McKenzie friend rather than doing this all alone which is really exhausting for you and a litigant will be in a better position in doing this with some beneficial advice.

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