We at Solent Family Mediation, provide you the best financial advisors and mediators who have years of experience in dealing with family-related issues.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible solution for your family oriented issues. Solent Family Mediation has set a standard for them and always strives to maintain it. Family breakdowns are a common thing nowadays.

We know how much sensitive these issues can get. That is why we provide experienced professionals to handle issues that involve family breakdowns.

We, at Solent Family Mediation provide mediators and financial advisors who are experienced in handling family issues.

Our professionals are professionally trained, experienced, and qualified experts with family laws. Our work is done by maintaining professional ethics and a strict code of conduct.

Family Breakdown and Heartbreak


Many consider divorce as an emotionally devastating thing, which is correct to some extent. But we, at Solent Family Mediation, consider divorce as not only an emotional matter but also a financial matter as well.

After the divorce, when the time comes for dividing the financial assets, many people tend to seek the help of the experts to assist them in this juncture.

We, at Solent Family Mediation, provide them the best financial advisors who will help them with the division of the financial assets and give them a proper legal assistance regarding financial laws of the state regarding the division of financial assets after divorce.

Our advisors are professionally trained and experienced experts who are handling such issues for many years and have gathered enough practical knowledge to handle your issue smoothly.

So, whenever you are in need of financial assistance after divorce, just reach out to us. At Solent Family Mediation, we are eagerly waiting to help you out.


One of the most complicated things about getting divorced is the pension division. 

At that time, pension provides the financial support that one needs. In this regard, while getting separated from your partner, you ought to secure your future for the latter half of your life. It is not only beneficial for you but also helps you to provide your children a better future.

Having said that, dividing the pension is not a cakewalk.  You might need to follow many complications and legal steps. The pensions that can get divided also depend on where you live. Suppose, you are in England and you are getting divorced.

In that case, the total pension schemes you and your ex have will get divided. But, if you are in Scotland then the total pension scheme you and your ex had during the time you two were together will get divided.

We, at Solent Family Mediation, will provide financial advisors who will foresee the matter of pension division on behalf of you and will make sure that the process gets over quite smoothly.

Our advisors have years of experience of handling such issues and they know what complications could arise in each step of the whole procedure and our financial advisors are always ready to act according to it as they have done it quite a few times in the past.

So, if you want an expert’s help in dividing the pension, just give us a call.


There are a number of reasons for you to call us while seeking the help of an expert regarding the issue of your separation. Let’s see those reasons;

  1. Experience: Handling a complicated and sensitive issue like divorce can be a mountain to climb for a novice. That is why we, at Solent Family Mediation, provide you professionals who have years of experience behind their back. Our mediators and financial advisors are well trained and qualified to handle such situations. Also, Solent Family Mediation is helping people for many years now and our clients are very much satisfied with our work. 
  1. Reputation: One thing that comes with experience is the reputation. We have been providing mediation service for a long time and because of the top-quality mediators we provide, Solent Family Mediation has created a reputation for themselves among many others in this field. The Solent Family Mediation has become synonymous with some of the best in the business. So, whenever you are looking to hire mediators for handling your divorce scenario, look no further. 
  1. You Problem is Ours Too: Until and unless someone feels your problem, that person cannot provide the right solution for your problem. The mediators and financial advisors of Solent Family Mediation know that. That is why we perceive your problem as ours and look to find solutions the way we would have done it. There is no doubt that having a friend at your back during tough times is very important. We are your that friend who will be there for you in this tough situation and will help you to overcome the traumatic situations of the divorce. 

So, call us immediately and get help from our experts to overcome these difficult times.