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Solent Family mediation Poole is a nationally recognized company that provides a third party mediation services for people who are deciding to end their relationship and need help with resolving issues around children or finances. Whether that is a separation, divorce or cohabitation of a heterosexual or same sex civil partnership, any disbandment can be a difficult phase in one’s life. Additionally if any children or dependant family members, it can take an emotional toll on them as well. Mediation service, like any other professional and legal service cannot make this time emotionally easier for you through counselling, rather it guarantees not to further add to your worries in this stressful time.

Do things have the be settled in court?

As mediators are neutral, the parties can split the expense of hiring one to handle all of their cases, resulting in significant savings.

At Solent Mediation, we give a generally bother free and financially savvy system to finish any sort of debate that emerges from the disbanding of a relationship.

How Family Mediation in Poole can help!

The Types of People and Issues Which Can be Addressed Through Family Mediation

Families can benefit much from mediation because it encourages open dialogue and helps members work through their differences. The good news is that anyone and their connections to others can be helped.

Children, parents, grandparents, extended family, and same-sex couples are all excellent instances of this.

While the scope is great, it’s important to remember that many other problems can be solved in the same way. This includes (but is not limited to) some of the following:

  • Capital, resources, and financial holdings.
  • Connections throughout the organisation.
  • Family-owned enterprises.
  • Strategies for raising children.
  • Budgets, both joint and separate.
  • Plans for retirement.
  • Concerns about access to children and other related custody matters.

As mediators are neutral, the parties can split the expense of hiring one to handle all of their cases, resulting in significant savings.

Why customers choose us in Poole

We fully understand the mental and emotional toll of deciding to dissolve a legally obligated partnership.

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