The Top Ten Advantages of Participating in Mediation Swanage

In the process of family mediation, which is an entirely voluntary procedure, an impartial and professionally qualified mediator assists divorcing or separating spouses in finding solutions to problems that develop as a result of the breakup of their relationship. In this blog post, Our Family Law Mediator details the top 10 advantages of going through the Mediation Swanage process.


This has to be the primary advantage of Mediation Swanage for any family that is going through a separation. Through mediation, you are provided with a secure environment in which to discuss what aspects of the situation are going well as well as any issues or anxieties you may have. Communication has shown to be the most common obstacle in the way of achieving a settlement in the mediations that I have presided over, which is why we focused our efforts on improving that aspect of the process.

Keep up the relationship you have.

Even if you are going your separate ways, maintaining a healthy connection with the other parent of any children you share is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your children in the future. The Mediation Swanage process gives you the opportunity to discuss how you would want to collaborate in the future. You may also go back to mediation when the children reach a different age and have different requirements, which will allow you to amend the arrangements that were previously agreed upon.


Coming to Mediation Swanage for the first time might initially feel challenging and foreign. After a couple has separated, there is a great motivation for them to give mediation a shot when they realise how much more cost-effective it may be compared to the other procedure choices that are available to resolve things. The cost of mediation will vary since we won’t know how many mediation meetings you will require, but the Mediation Swanage process typically takes place over the course of three to five joint meetings of ninety minutes each.


The pace at which the Mediation Swanage is conducted is completely up to the parties involved. If you want to proceed with mediation, each of you will first have a meeting on your own, and then there will be a meeting with both of you present. When you leave the joint meeting, you will most likely have some duties to complete, or you may be putting an arrangement for the children through its paces. We will determine when the next joint meeting will take place based on the amount of time that is required for you to complete the duties or test out the arrangement.

Participation of the children in the Mediation Swanage process, known as kid inclusive mediation

For children whose parents are going through a divorce, there are typically not many individuals who are talking to both of their parents at the same time. It is of the utmost importance that the children be provided the chance to discuss with another person the challenges they are facing as a result of their parents’ divorce. During Child Inclusive Mediation, the children will have the chance to share their perspectives with a third party who is neutral and will not take a position.

Agenda setting

You will have the opportunity to choose the agenda for the mediation meeting by choosing the most important topics that need to be covered at the beginning of each session. In some other types of judicial proceedings, you might not always have the chance to do this. Mediation Swanage acknowledges that there are times when you need to talk about the impact that the separation is having on you, and it also gives you the opportunity to talk about some of the smaller day-to-day decisions that are typically handled in other legal processes either because there is not enough time for them or because it is too expensive to do so.


I’ve previously said that the schedule of the mediation would be adjusted to meet your requirements, so there’s no need to worry about that. What you need to discuss as a family has been put on the schedule for the meeting. Additionally adaptable is the format of Mediation Swanage sessions. There are occasions when we will employ shuttle mediation, which means that the mediator will go between the two of you without allowing either of you to meet with your former partner. At the moment, a significant amount of Mediation Swanage is carried out through the use of video conversations conducted online. Other members of the family could be asked to participate in the mediation session if it is appropriate to do so. It’s possible that we’ll bring in other experts. It’s possible that there are going to be two mediators working with you. As long as the fundamental guidelines for mediation are adhered to, the other steps of the procedure can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements.

Collaborate with other trained experts.

This is such an essential component of the Mediation Swanage process. Mediators aren’t expected to know everything, but they should have a reliable network of expert connections they may recommend you to. It could be beneficial for you to contact with a financial advisor, a family counsellor, or an authority on pensions. When you collaborate with a wide range of experts on a project, you will frequently find that you can reach an agreement more quickly.

Hybrid Approach to Mediation

Not only is there more than one way to conduct mediation, but there is also the possibility of hybrid mediation, in which your attorneys are present during the process of mediation with you. There are a variety of ways in which mediation may be conducted. This may be of tremendous assistance in situations in which the assets are complicated or in which one party may feel it is difficult to communicate their perspectives to their ex-partner.


It’s possible that you’ll think I’m being dishonest by mentioning communication not once but twice, but since it plays such an important role in mediation, it deserves more than one mention. If you and your ex-partner are able to improve the way that you communicate with one another, then you will be in a much better position to handle any issues that may emerge in the future.

Who wouldn’t want to give mediation a shot when there are so many positive aspects associated with it? It is possible that opening the door and beginning the Mediation Swanage process will feel difficult, but you can begin by just having a first talk with a mediator and learning how the process might benefit you. Please get in touch with us so that we may explore the specifics of your situation after learning that our team of professionals has extensive expertise in family mediation.

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