What You Should Anticipate From The Very First Mediation Brighton Session

A first Mediation Brighton session will be scheduled if both of you are willing to move forward to a first Mediation Brighton session, and if your mediator believes that your case is appropriate for mediation.

The exact time of the first session that follows the MIAMs will be determined by the challenges that you must overcome.

Our job is to provide you with a setting that is secure and impartial so that you may feel comfortable discussing the concerns that have been preventing things like making arrangements for parenting responsibilities or reaching a financial settlement.

Parental Arrangements

My preference is to get the parents together as soon as possible to have a conversation about the challenges they are up against. Due to the adaptability of the Mediation Brighton process, you are free to bring any topics that you desire to discuss to the very first session.

When it comes to making plans for children, we don’t only look at whether or not arrangements are doable; instead, you may talk about the more sensitive concerns.

The manner in which the parents converse with one another, the timing of pick-ups and drop-offs, working up to late – night staying contact can be a problem between parents; so can the introduction of new partners, particularly if you have only recently separated from your partner. The arrangements aren’t working because they aren’t working because they aren’t working because the arrangements aren’t working because the arrangements aren’t working.

In the first session, I explain the process by comparing it to constructing a bridge, and I note that any bridge requires solid foundations. During the initial meeting, our primary focus will be on laying the groundwork for the project. arrangements that both parents are ready to agree to for a limited amount of time, say between four and six weeks at a time.

At that time, I invite the parents to another session where we will discuss the things that went well as well as the things that didn’t go so well. Sometimes, after the second session, parents feel as though they are able to go on together without the need to return, and sometimes, they need to know that they can come back for a third session.

As they become more effective at cooperating with one another as parents, they begin to construct their own bridge of trust and understanding in order to offer the necessary structure and support for their children.

Real Estate and Economics

When couples come to mediation to go through issues related to property and finances, they are typically eager to reach a settlement.

The initial Mediation Brighton session for matters pertaining to property and finances often adheres to the same financial processes as those that have been established by the court.

Before scheduling the initial Mediation Brighton session, I normally wait four to six weeks. It is crucial that you have as much financial information as possible for the initial meeting, and it can sometimes take several weeks to get pension information, which consists of cash equivalent values. Considering that you are the one who is footing the bill for the sessions, it is essential that they are not thrown away.

When putting together a picture using a jigsaw puzzle, you can’t see the whole picture until you look at all the pieces. In the very first Mediation Brighton session, we want you to turn over everything pieces by completing the Form E. This allows us to see “what’s in the financial pot,” just as you would if each of you was working with a solicitor.

As soon as we have an idea of what your assets and obligations are, we will ask you to begin comparing your requirements to the resources that are available to you.

The use of mediation is not appropriate in many circumstances, and it is unlikely to be successful if either party is dishonest and frank about their financial situation. When part of the pieces are missing from a jigsaw puzzle, it is impossible to finish the puzzle.

However, if you and your spouse both want to get to the other side of your financial problems and go on with your life, mediation can provide a route forward that is both expedient and collaborative.

Some couples come to the first session with all of their financial information and having previously examined different methods of dividing assets and responsibilities between them. Some couples require additional time to compile their information and consider their alternatives; therefore, they will require additional sessions.

If a couple would prefer to spend half a day or an entire day going through concerns, I can accommodate that request. In general, the sessions that I have with couples to discuss topics pertaining to property and finances last for one and a half hours.

I also provide One Day Lawyer Assisted Mediation, but we may discuss it some other time.

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