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Why customers choose us in Wimborne
Friendly, professional, impartial mediation service catered to support and help you through a family breakdown.
Designed for couples who are seperated, in the process of seperating, or divorcing.
Professional mediators qualified in family law to help you and your partner talk and negotiate family issues in a relaxed conrrolled environment.
Your choice for the time and venues of the meetings to meet your needs..
Cost effective, less stressful, less time consuming than the conventional solicitor / court route.
Documented notes of meetings provided for your solicitor should they later be needed.


House Broken

Features and Benefits of Family Mediation

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How Family Mediation in Wimborne can help you?

  • Going through a (tough) separation or divorce?
  • Can’t get through to your parents?
  • Do your children (and grandchildren) treat you like you’re senile?
  • Still considered ‘the black sheep’ at family gatherings?

At Solent Family Mediation we help with these kinds of situations, and others.

Solent Family Mediation understands relationships and cherishes every single one of them. That is why we can be your voice, or the helping hand, that will get you back on track. With the expert advice from our mediators, we can also assist you in other areas, like children access, finances, family home, pensions, business, parental plans, savings and investment, communication and assets.

So, contact us today and see how we can improve your life; because we, at Solent Family Mediation, have a heart for family.

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