Solent Family Mediation

How We Help Families

We offer families safe, confidential spaces in which to work out their family disputes amicably. The accredited mediators work as an impartial person to help couples reach resolutions fast and without having to go to court. We pride ourselves on working to exemplary professional standards whilst staying within the boundaries of the industries code of practice.

 Court battles are not only painful but also financially draining. At Solent Mediation, we provide a range of services to help you resolve disputes amicably. From family mediation  to legal aid our trained mediators work to find practical solutions. Our  UK Family Mediation Services offer a more collaborative and less confrontational approach to resolving conflicts.

Solent uk Family mediation services

Solent Mediation specialises in helping families manage financial burdens and property disputes without the need for painful court battles. Our legal advice and mediation services ensure you find mutually agreeable solutions. We are committed to providing a brighter way forward, reducing the financial and emotional toll of traditional court proceedings. If you're facing legal challenges and seeking a brighter way forward, contact Solent Mediation. Our services include family mediation, legal advice, and practical steps to handle disputes amicably.Reach out to us via email to schedule your initial meeting and start your journey towards a less stressful resolution.

Why Choose Solent Family Mediation?

Solent Family Mediation Services offer mediation for families when relationship come to an end. Child related issues are very common for us to deal with and have proven results. We understand that court proceedings can cause substantial stress, we provide a brighter way to resolve disputes through collaborative law. Our trained mediators offer practical steps to handle property disputes, child arrangements, and financial matters, helping you avoid the painful court battles that often accompany divorce processes


Worried ABout Court?
Most of the people don’t like taking their financial disputes in court but if one feels the need to go then they proceed to court but try mediation first its quicker and its confidential.
We Want to help your family?
If you are going through a partnership or family dispute or breakdown, you maybe required to seek family mediation so as to overcome. Need a MIAM we're here to help

Solent Family Mediation offer help in helping you resolves issues with children, family, property, finance, pensions and dealing with children to the highest professional standards.

  • Trained, experienced and sensitive towards matters for parenting issues during separation.
  • Family Mediators work to a strict code of practice and are completely impartial.
  • Mediation can give you  results, quickly and save you money while not having the stress of going to court.
  • Mediation is completely voluntary and you decide the date, time and venue for the process to take place.
the benefits

Family mediation is seen as the best solution for a wide range of our clients.

If you are planning a divorce, or a dissolution of a civil partnership, then family mediation is often the best option for you to choose.

For couples who have children, or other dependents, then family mediation allows you to plan how to arrange childcare and other family matters in a non-controversial way.

Even if you do not have children, mediation is a good solution as it means you can decide how to allocate your financial resources and to make plans for the future.

Does it work?

Even if you think that mediation is not for you then we would advise you to consider its benefits:-

  • Family mediation avoids the need for expensive legal fees.
  • The mediation process is non-confrontational and leads to an agreed solution.
  • Mediation is recognised by the government as a necessary part of the process of divorce, or dissolution.
  • Mediation is increasingly seen to benefit children and other dependents.

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