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We at Solent Family Mediation provide you with professionally trained individuals with the highest qualification and experience in family law. We pride ourselves on working to exemplary professional standards whilst staying within the boundaries of the industries code of practice. Our qualified professional mediators are experienced and sensitive towards matters involving family breakdowns.

Solent Family Mediation mediators are experienced, qualified, professionally trained experts with experience in family laws. We work to standard professional ethics and strictly within the code of conduct.

You and Your Family

Unfortunately, relationships do break down. However, if you are in a civil partnership, married, or even cohabiting with your partner and are now considering a separation or divorce, family mediation can assist you in coming to an arrangement about a joint property, finance issues, and children. Solent Family Mediation will ensure that they take you through all the steps necessary to assist you in reaching a united decision.

There are married couples that do not get divorced; however, they are happy to remain apart. All that is necessary for the couple to live apart is that they are legally separated. It is also possible to be officially separated, but still continue to live under the same roof. If both parties are in agreement of the separation and remain separated for a period of two years, then this can be the basis for a future divorce. Solent Family Mediation are specifically established and dedicated in assisting couples with their family issues in the most relaxed and stress free way possible, without the need to spend huge amounts of money on legal fees or possibly court costs.

Solent Family Mediation can provide you with any information that you may require for future planning. A breakdown in any family can be one of the most stressing times in anyone’s life. It can be an extremely challenging time and provide a need for you to seek help in any way that you can. Solent Family Mediation works with families that have been affected by separation and provide them with relevant information that will assist them through their decisions.

Families are also offered a range of options and services which:

Solent Family Mediation are here to help you though this difficult time. Call us today on 02381 611051 to ask any questions or talk about any concerns you may have.
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