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Never more so than when children are involved, all couples who decide to end their relationship share the hope that their tough decision will not negatively affect their loved ones.

It will never be simple, but the British Legal System provides an alternative to the confrontational, time-consuming, and potentially extremely costly professional approach, which may need court appearances. This may be upsetting for everybody involved, possibly especially for youngsters.

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All of our mediators are professionally trained, qualified, and experienced in family law.


Mediation is the best means of comprehensively addressing all concerns of the couples as well as concerns of their children.

In mediation, the parties define issues and set the agenda to be discussed making it suitable for dealing with any marital matter.

Early mediation Isle of Wight is a proven approach of trimming down worry and quarrel for the good of the children. High conflict that arises when couples use court legislation during separation hurt many children more than the separation itself. Mediation Isle of Wight is also highly cost-effective because couples share the cost of one mediator, which is better than each person paying a lawyer to represent him or her in court.

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Qualified mediators are doing their utmost effort to achieve a positive result in disputes including the contact and domicile of children, personal finances, the distribution of property and much more.

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