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Getting legal advice can become quite cumbersome when it comes to resolving issues related to disputes. Legal procedures, being complex, can tire a person out of his strength while going through emotional turmoil at the same time.

Getting legal advice from unreliable sources can land you into failure and dismay. Legal advisors, who are not mediators, may not understand the benefit of family mediation.

At such times when authentic legal advice are hard to get, we, at Solent Family Mediation Service do not provide you with legal service and suggest you seek the help of a good local Solicitor prior or during the mediation process.

Our role as mediators is not to give advice but to navigate through your issues and find acceptable solutions for all parties involved.

Solent Family Mediation Service provides excellent mediation purposes to the people in need.

Mediators help to provide you knowledge about the legal framework, thereby making it easier for you to understand the advice given by your solicitor. This, in turn, helps to give you a better control of your decision- making by avoiding the excessive influence of the solicitor. Discussing options to be availed regarding a particular case becomes easier with the help of a mediator. For negotiation purposes too, a mediator is of great help.

There may be considerable varieties of cases related to disputes which include financial closure, mortgage, family and divorce-related disputes, property related issues etc. The Solent Family Mediation Service provides you with expert mediators to serve you with incredible assistance.

The mediators also provide you documents at the end of the legal process which specifies the procedure that has been undertaken throughout the process.

The documents are not entirely a legal binding but these may work as a reference in the cases related to finance and property mediation and be passed to your solicitors. With adequate mediation services, one can also resort to solving issues without the requirement of a solicitor.

Solent Family Mediation Service is a great solution giving you specialized assistance and protecting you from high legal costs but helping you both control the decision making especially around issues relating to finances and children. 

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