Solent Family Mediation - Brighton

Family mediation Brighton is an option that can help if there is a fight or breakup in the family or a relationship.

It will help you take full charge and responsibility so that you can come to a final agreement without the help of the law.

Most of the time, mediation leads to a better outcome and a better understanding on both sides without having to go to court.

Why customers choose us in Brighton


No matter what kind of breakup it is—separation, divorce, or living together—it can be a hard time in one’s life.

Also, if any family members depend on you, it can be hard on them emotionally as well.

Mediation Brighton services, like any other professional or legal service, can’t help you feel better emotionally during this hard time. Instead, they promise not to add to your worries during this hard time.

How Family Mediation in Brighton can help you?

They encourage people to talk freely and openly with each other so that everyone’s needs and points of view can be heard.

By hearing what both sides have to say, the mediator can then give full advice and bring up all the possible solutions and outcomes of the case.

Divorce and breaking up Family mediation is a way to solve almost any family conflict in a way that is respectful, dignified, and good for everyone involved.

Mediation is an effective tool for settling disputes and facilitating agreement among family members, including those with parental responsibilities.

Parents going through a divorce or legal separation may require assistance with a variety of issues, including communication between parties, the organisation of visitation schedules for grandparents, the creation of parenting plans, the division of assets, and the sale or transfer of the family home.

Because mediators are neutral, the parties can split the expense of hiring one to handle all of their mediation needs, resulting in significant savings.

  • You choose the date, time, and location of the mediation meetings, as our appointments are convenient for you.
    You determine the time, day, and location of the mediation meetings, as our scheduling is flexible.
  • The Ministry of Justice encourages family mediation as an alternative or necessary step prior to court intervention. Our personnel are certified family mediators.
  • Our expert family mediators are trained to the highest possible standards and are neutral in all circumstances.
  • In order to find a fair conclusion in a cordial manner, our family mediators maintain strict secrecy over all client situations and are entirely impartial in their approach.
  • Mediation boasts an incredibly high success rate, allowing it to resolve virtually all divorce and separation concerns.

Due to the mediator’s impartiality and inability to provide legal advice, each participant in the arbitration should seek separate legal counsel. He or she can assist in a variety of ways, including providing legal information and managing the process of financial disclosure, exploring settlement options, fact-checking these options, and providing final documents upon which an agreement can be drafted.

This could alter based on the conditions. Numerous parties are able to reach an agreement at a single joint mediation session for a specific issue, such as Christmastime child custody arrangements, a trip abroad, or an adjustment to the amount of spousal support.

For parenting or financial conflicts, the majority of clients have an average of three 90-minute mediation sessions.