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It is inevitable that there will be cases of disputes in a family. These disputes are in most cases minor issues that do not require so much attention.

However there are cases in which this issues blow over and become very serious to the point where a family goes to court. This is among the many reasons why all families in Surrey should consider Solent family mediation .

Family mediation service in Surrey generally involves hiring a third party to solve the family issues. This is far better than having attorneys handling the issues since most lawyers are in it for the money. However, this is not the case when it comes to family mediators. 

The mediator acts as a neutral party and does not support any side. He or she is supposed to give both parties a chance to explain why they are upset and weigh how bad the situation is. Some of the areas in which family mediation Surrey services covers are; divorce, marriage counseling, family conflict, business problems and child related issues.

Mediation Surrey

Some mediation offices in Surrey include; Banstead – EpsomEsher – Great Bookham – Guildford – Horsley – LeatherheadStainesSunburyWalton on ThamesWeybridgeWoking

There are several reasons why you need to consider asking a mediator to intervene instead of taking the issue to court. Some of them are; Mediation services in Surey which are less expensive and also in the year 2011, anyone that wishes to have any financial or children matters solved in court should provide a FM 1 form that proves that one has attended a MIAM.

A MIAM stands for Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. This shows the court that you have tried mediation Surrey before going to court. Therefore, this helps in saving time and money.

When choosing who you want to act as a mediator in your family, there are a few things that you should consider.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you can afford to pay the mediator. Second, the person you choose should have a lot of experience. This shows you that they indeed know what they are doing. Last but not least, you require someone who will be able to solve the issue at hand within a short period.

This is because the longer it takes the more money you will have to pay and also because peace is something everyone desires in their home.

Apart from the fact that you get to save more money with mediation Surrey as compared to court proceedings, there are many advantages of mediation in Surrey.

First and foremost, mediation Surrey is confidential. Whatever is discussed in a mediation setting remains there. The mediator is not allowed to share any information gathered during the meeting with anyone else.

This is a part of the training that each an every mediator has to agree to, failure to which they are not given a license to practice.

Surrey mediation local to you – From Solent Family Mediation Services

Family mediation services in Surrey improves communication among the family members. This way everyone is heard and airs out their issues. This is very important when solving disputes since the root of the matter is cleared and bygones are actually bygones after mediation Surrey. This is not the case with court proceedings. In court, the lawyer that argues his or her client’s case better is the one that wins. Strife remains even after the judge has made a ruling when a problem within a family is solved in court.

There is no partial resolution in mediation Surrey. This means that since the mediator works for both parties, a decision cannot be made unless all parties are satisfied. Therefore, no matter how long it takes to reach an agreement, the decision can only be made when both parties are both on board with the results.

Advantages to Mediation Surrey

Another advantage of family mediation in Surrey is the fact that the process is faster. The time taken to solve the issue is less since each person airs their issues for an equal amount of time. This is not the case in court since with courts, there are fewer judges compared to the number of cases.

Mediation Surrey is a learning process for family members. For instance, spouses are able to make better decisions and learn how to communicate. This ensures that there is a lesser chance of the issue recurring since through the mediation process in Surrey; all parties learn how to solve their issues. There is also a great transition for all parties.

Last but not least, there is full control over the outcome for both parties. This means that the result of the mediation in Surrey solely relies on the parties’ cooperation and willingness to reach an understanding. There is therefore a session of counseling so that the parties may be open to discussing how they feel. This makes them feel comfortable since it is made clear that they are allowed to say whatever they feel

Many families that have sought mediation by Solent Mediation Service Surrey have attested to how great the services are and they say they are pleased with the results that came from the process. It is highly recommended that you try it out in order to solve some of the issues that might be holding your family back from getting a long completely.

Some of the ways you can get in touch with family mediators from Solent in Surrey are; through our telephone number 0238 161 1051 or visit our website For more information on family mediation in Surrey and the fee charged for the services you require. This gives you contact to our customer service that help you get in touch with a family mediator.

In conclusion, it is important that you keep in mind that family is all you have when nothing else is going well in your life. Therefore, you should strive to do anything that will keep the entire family united and at peace. No amount of money can buy happiness but there are ways you can learn how to cultivate it if you give mediation in Surrey a try instead of running to court over issues that can be solved peacefully. Seeking help is a strength and not a weakness. Therefore you should not allow anyone to talk you out of seeking help for your family.

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