Education For Families

All Solent Mediators have to be fully trained to tackle the sensitive issues that come to the fore during divorce or separation.

This is particularly true of mediators for schools, teachers, and for parents when it involves children.

Though appointed to tackle family disputes, some of our mediators will be well equipped to deal with specifically child related or financial issues.

However, all our mediators will have a wide range of knowledge and awareness of all types of family issues.

Mediators are regularly assessed as a way of warding off the dropping of professional standards.

Solent Family mediation services

The process of mediation training is an ongoing one, and mediators will regularly have to prove that they are adhering to the highest professional standards and that they are reaching and maintaining the type of standards that are required.

Mediators will also be judged on their knowledge of current legislation, and whether or not they are aware of any recent legislative changes.

Impartial and independent support services are provided by us when parents, schools, teachers and local authorities seek mediation when there is a disagreement.

The type of mediation offered can relate to parents who are involved in a dispute regarding the choice of their child or children‘s school, to teachers who are in a dispute with parents, a school, or the local authority.

Mediators Standards

Our mediators are professionals that work to demanding standards. A Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) takes on the role of a supervisor/mentor of an individual family mediator, and that role will continue throughout the mediator’s career.

Help, support and advice will be given to the mediator by the PPC to make sure that standards are of the highest, most professional and ethical nature, and that the client benefits as a result.

Mediation Council

The Family Mediation Council governs the mediation profession, and the Council also liaises with the government and relevant parties such as the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Services Commission.

These include divorce and separation, and their possible impact on partners, children, friends and family, and grandparents. Family disputes can be particularly stressful, but Solent Family Mediation can help you deal with this difficult time in your life.