What is Family Mediation?

What Is Family Mediation

If you have just separated from your partner and wondering what to do for your children, house, debts, pets and assets then family mediation is the way forward for you. This is a very stressful time where even having a civil conversation with each other seems impossible.

A professional Family Mediator can sit in the same room and encourage some meaningful conversation helping you to decide what will work for you both. Mediation is a far more amicable approach rather than getting caught up in expensive legal disputes involving lawyers and judges that can turn out to be very costly and lengthy roads to go down.

How does a Mediation sessions work?

The mediation sessions will cover all issues whether they relate to property, children or finances. A mediation agenda will be set and tailored around what you need to discuss. You will then agree and decide what are you priority issues and set some time scales to deal with certain matters.

When you have both found some common ground, which may take a few sessions you can then look at the various options and test them. After you both have agreed and arrived at an option that is acceptable by you both the proposal can then be documented.

The mediator will take lead in the meetings giving you legal advice and guidance on reacting an amicable separation or divorce.

How much will the Mediation cost?

You will be both responsible for your mediation costs. Mediation costs are generally lower than family lawyers and therefore you can deal with your issues in a more cost effective way.

Mediation provides a fast, cost effective way of resolving family disputes without the need to go to court saving you both time and money. Click here to see our mediation costs at Solent Family Mediation

Solent Family mediation services

If you are in a civil partnership, married, or even cohabiting with your partner and are now considering a separation or divorce, family mediation can assist you in coming to an arrangement about a joint property, finance issues, and children.

Solent Family Mediation will ensure that they take you through all the steps necessary to assist you in reaching a united decision.