Hampshire Family Mediation

Hampshire Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process where by family members voluntary agree to meet with a third party who is a mediator to solve a family problem. Sometimes families fall apart, and divorce or separation becomes an option. Our services are meant to help a family have a smooth transition and robust plan. The purpose of meditation is to come to agreements that the parties included are satisfied and happy with. If you are looking for a Hampshire Family Mediation services, look no further. The process is very peaceful.

Some of the services offered at the Solent mediation services include;

  • Equal division of assets
  • Contractual agreements that may be needed
  • Custody plans of the children, this includes planning the visits and days of custody

We ensure that the process is smooth and impartial. Our mediators do not take sides and focus on making the process painless for the children. It is also bound to affect your mental well being. Family matters are sensitive and need to be handled with care. That is why our team of professional and well-trained mediators are the best to solve the family conflict. We know that when the process of dissolving a relationship may be so emotional. You might not know how to go about the financial situation.


Here are some advantages of using our Hampshire Family Mediation services.

Our services are voluntary-We work around the families schedule meaning that the meeting is planned according to your available time. No one is forced into the mediation meeting. The family can schedule separate meetings, and the process is still as effective.

Making an appointment at our company is fast.We know that this process should not be dragged out. This is why our process is quick, and the process starts immediately.

Our mediators are well qualified and act very Profesional during the meetings and throughout the process.The process is kept confidential and the mediator ensures that they are fair to both parties and can get a solution to any family conflict.

Mediation is less time-consuming and affordable than going to court. Some people will run to court as the first choice but don’t know that it will cost them more. From the lawyer fees to the long waits it can be tiresome and be stressing to the family.

Our mediators will give you advice, but the ultimate decisions are all yours to make. Our services have worked for very well as a great support systemf or families in Hampshire Family Mediation.

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