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There are numerous reasons why any family living in UK needs to consider family mediation as their first choice in case of a family dispute. However, before getting into that, it is a great idea to know a little bit more about what mediation is. Family mediators are neutral third parties who are trained to help resolve disputes within families. Although they charge for these services, in most cases, their charges are negligible compared to a lawyer’s fees. Furthermore, attorneys are not always after what is best for the parties involved, and they don’t actually care about an individual’s feelings as far as winning the case is concerned.

Hatred and resentments develop, and eventually, it ends up in a big court battle, where at least one party walks away loathing the other. This is where family mediation comes in. After reviewing the case, the mediators can come up with options which can be helpful. They will sit down with the family, and act as a neutral go-between. They let every family member to express their concerns, but they also ensure that emotions and feelings don’t get out of hand. If the situation begins to get too intense, they try keeping everyone calm.

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This does not mean that mediators are heartless, but they also have to keep their own emotions and feelings in check. In most cases, these mediators may have some kind of similar experiences in their own lives, and they can always relate to what is going on. Even though not all disputes can be resolved through a mediator, usually, both parties walk away from the table in agreement. It could mean that instead of the parents being sent off to a care facility, in-home care is provided, with the costs being divided between insurance, and then equally among the siblings.

Although there are numerous different mediation services, if you have a family conflict, you want to find a mediator that deals with these cases. You also want to hire one that has a history of resolving conflicts, and with lots of experience. Depending on your financial situation, you also want to get a service that will work with you on payments. Another factor to consider is how fast they resolve the issues, because the whole idea is to get the situation resolved fast.

Whether it’s a family conflict, divorce, business problems or child-related issues, if you need help and you are considering going through the court system, save yourself some time and money. Using family mediation is a healthier and cheaper alternative. In most problems, emotions frequently run so strongly, that people begin to have tunnel vision and they need an outsider to help provide solutions which the parties may not have thought of, or didn’t want to take into consideration before.

Furthermore, since 6th April 2011, anybody wishing to start a court proceeding linked to children or financial matters must first attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) with an approved mediator and obtain a Form FM1 to show that they have actually done so.

The MIAMs have been introduced so as to make sure that the parties have considered mediation as a possible way to resolve disputes. It is generally recognised that a confrontational court process is not always best suited to solving family conflicts.

It is evident that family mediation is really vital to resolving disputes. Other advantages of mediation as a process of solving conflicts in families include:

  • Such processes eliminate the need for long court proceedings, waiting for a court date and then again waiting for the final verdict.
  • The resolution provided during a family mediation works for both parties whereas court rulings may be favourable to just one party. Since the mediator works for both parties, it eliminates the possibility of any partial resolution or decision. Besides, since the mediator is not an attorney, both parties can be rest assured that they will get good service without any legal advice. Such mediators have sound knowledge about family laws, separation and divorce among other related issues, and are therefore capable of providing suitable solutions to all related disputes.
  • Family mediation is totally confidential, except for a few exceptions. In case the process fails to come up with a solution and the dispute is taken to court, anything said during the process of family mediation can only be disclosed in court after both parties have been granted the permission to do so.
  • Family mediation also reduces the costs related to solving the disputes among separated or divorced couples. Also, it reduces stress and improves communication between both parties involved leading to much lesser chances of conflict.

In conclusion, there is absolutely no doubt that mediation is a great way of solving family disputes, and should therefore be considered as the first choice. It’s hoped that early information and advice about family mediation will help reduce the number of the court applications as families continue to resolve their issues with the help of a family mediator.

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