Solent Family Mediation - Alton

Is mediation Alton a viable option for couples with marital issues to resolve issues relating to separation, divorce, and child custody?

Mediation Alton is the most effective method for addressing fully all of the couple’s concerns, as well as those about their children and finances.

In mediation, the parties describe issues and set the agenda for discussion, making it appropriate for any marital dispute.

Why customers choose us in Alton

  • A team of mediators with appropriate legal experience and the highest professional qualifications.
  • In-depth and accurate guidance for your decision-making, based on careful consideration of each instance.
  • A tranquil and impartial environment committed to being fair to all parties.
  • Flexible session schedules that are totally adapted to your needs.
  • Provides both impartial and strictly confidential services.
  • Avoids lengthy and expensive judicial proceedings, which can be stressful and damage your relationships.

How Family Mediation in Alton can help you?

Experiencing a (difficult) separation or divorce?

Unable to reach your parents?

Still referred to as “the black sheep” at family reunions?

At Solent Family Mediation Alton, we assist in these and other circumstances.

For the benefit of the children, early mediation is a tested method for reducing anxiety and conflict.

Many children are harmed more than the separation itself by the high turmoil that ensues when separating couples utilise judicial legislation.

Mediation is extremely cost-effective because couples split the expense of one mediator, which is preferable to each party paying for an attorney to represent them in court.

A couple’s separation can be one of the most heartbreaking occurrences for a family.

This can be especially difficult for children, but communication through mediation can guarantee that both parents reach a custody agreement.

Additionally, grandparents and extended relatives should be considered.

Additionally, mediation can assist in determining the disposition of family assets including the family residence.

In either a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, mediation can assist in the resolution of conflicts.

Mediation facilitates the amicable resolution of business-related disputes and pertinent financial concerns.

While mediation aims to address pension, savings, and investment disputes,

Mediation Information Evaluation Meeting with a Solent-approved mediator and obtaining Form FM1 as evidence of this.

Click here to learn more about MIAM and FM1.

An initial mediation meeting, also known as an MIAM, must first be concluded. These meetings are often known as intake meetings. Even though you normally attend these events alone, you may occasionally bring a friend. In this case, the mediator will still wish to speak with each of you individually.

The MIAM has two responsibilities:

You have the opportunity to communicate to the mediator the situation, the issues, your desired resolution, and any concerns you may have.
In addition, it allows the mediator to explain the mediation process in detail to you. Next, the mediator will determine whether or not mediation is appropriate for your case. In addition, at this stage you have the option of trying mediation.

Depending on the situation, this may alter. During a single joint mediation session, many parties are able to reach an agreement on a particular topic, such as parenting arrangements for Christmas, an international trip, or a revision to the amount of spousal support.

On average, the majority of clients have three 90-minute mediation sessions for parenting or financial concerns.