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Never more so than when children are involved, all couples who decide to end their relationship share the hope that their tough decision will not negatively affect their loved ones.

It will never be simple, but the British Legal System provides an alternative to the confrontational, time-consuming, and potentially extremely costly professional approach, which may need court appearances.

Why customers choose us in Dorchester

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  • If you and your loved ones are stuck on a problem, mediation services may be able to help.
  • Avoid wasting time and money on legal representation that is superfluous to your problem’s resolution.
  • The following are some of the assistances that mediators can give you:
    When it’s time to settle some family business, you get to pick the date, place, and time that work best for you.

How Family Mediation in Dorchester can help you?

Solent Family Mediation‘s family mediation is distinct.

Our team of fully-qualified, professional mediators with experience in family law will attempt to resolve the complexities of a partnership’s breakup pleasantly, expeditiously, and at a significantly lesser cost than if judges and attorneys were involved.

The mediation process is completely voluntary and designed to accommodate the convenience of all parties.

To initiate the process of settling disputes in a conciliatory, timely, and professional manner.

A couple’s separation can be one of the most heart-breaking occurrences for a family. This can be especially difficult for children, but communication through mediation can guarantee that both parents reach a custody agreement.

You can choose the time, day, and location of the meetings, as your comfort and convenience are of utmost concern.

The service of mediation is a solution to the problem of parents going through a divorce.

When both parents believe that the other’s perspective is unreasonable, parents will sometimes resort to mediation.

In this instance, the mediation service provided by Solent is useful for both parents.

We offer a variety of mediation services.

Additionally, grandparents and extended relatives should be considered. Additionally, mediation can assist in determining the disposition of family assets including the family residence. In either a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, mediation can assist in the resolution of conflicts.

Additionally, mediation can facilitate the amicable resolution of business-related issues and pertinent financial matters. Although mediation can assist in resolving pension, savings, and investment disputes.

This could shift depending on the specifics of the situation. Many couples are able to resolve a single contentious issue, such as holiday visitation or travel plans for the kids, or a change in spousal support payments, in a single mediation session.

On average, clients have three appointments to the mediator, each lasting for 90 minutes, to resolve difficulties including parenting or finances.

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