Solent Family Mediation - Croydon

If you are going through a breakup in your family or partnership or are in the middle of a conflict, one of the options available to you is family mediation Croydon.

It will make it easier for you to take complete control of the situation as well as responsibility for coming to a conclusion without the involvement of the legal system.

Why customers choose us in Croydon

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  • All of our mediators are trained to the greatest standard, and a number of them are renowned experts in their fields.
  • They are able to approach all issues from a neutral stance and, through open and transparent communication, offer their clients with a thorough understanding of all the potential outcomes of their actions.
  • As this is a procedure in which all parties participate voluntarily, our appointment service is tailored to meet your requirements.

How Family Mediation in Croydon can help you?

You can choose the time, day, and location of the meetings, as your comfort and convenience are of utmost concern.

The service of mediation is a solution to the problem of parents going through a divorce.

When both parents believe that the other’s perspective is unreasonable, parents will sometimes resort to mediation.

In this instance, the mediation service provided by Solent is useful for both parents.

Solent Family Mediation can help you design an age-appropriate Parenting Plan that prioritises the child’s best interests.

One that is suitable for both you and your family.

Since you agreed to it in mediation rather than having it imposed by a judge, it will function.

Some of the following items may be included in your Parenting Strategy:

How will co-parenting benefit you in your situation?

How your child’s time will certainly be divided in between the parents, as well as a long-term solution for who spends time with the child on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, birthday celebrations, as well as Mommy’s and also Daddy’s Day trips to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
Permission to travel internationally with your child
Financial assistance has been agreed upon.

If Mediation is acceptable because it would benefit your position, then we can move forward. Next, a Joint Arbitration Conference will be held. This is where everyone will gather for a meeting. This conference could continue as long as two hours.

Solent Family Mediation will create a safe and secure setting for this meeting in order to enable considerate, direct, and constructive communication. At this meeting, all parties will be requested to sign a Contract to Mediate form.

There is no charge for this, our team can have a brief chat with you on the phone to assess your situation and whether mediation would be a good route to go down.

Mediation Croydon has been made mandatory and if you want to take things further you must demonstrate that you have tried mediation. 

After your MIAM conference, we will call your spouse, partner, or the relative with whom you are arguing to invite them to participate in the procedure. We will elaborate on what mediation is, how it operates, and the outcomes it produces.

There is a conference known as the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, or MIAM, where you can address The mediator in your own words. We know that this seems intimidating, but rest assured that we will provide you with a safe and tranquil environment.

Everything you tell us is confidential unless you tell us something that makes us believe you or someone in your care is in danger. In the extremely unlikely occasion that this occurs, you will be fully informed of our plans. This meeting will take around one hour. If you cannot attend the conference in person, it can be held online via Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp.