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Being the smallest functional units in any society , families make up the very building blocks of any society.

The significance of the family in imparting good morals to the society cannot be overstated .Therefore, it is extremely important that the family functions as a unit for the good of the society in general. This is not only true universally but in Dorset County as well. 

None the less , due to the inherent nature of human beings , disagreements are bound to arise within the family and many individuals in this age are quick to rush to divorce without consideration of other methods to solve differences.

Widespread divorce is detrimental not only to the existence of the family as the elementary societal unit but also the society’s social wellbeing as well.

Family mediation Dorset and divorce separation in Dorset are both legally recognized procedures. It is therefore wise to consider the pros and cons of both methods without bias.

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Unlike a legal law suit mediation is an informal conflict resolution procedure before a third party who is neutral and independent. The mediator has no power to make legally binding decisions unless such powers are conferred upon them by the involved parties. Mediation as a way of conflict resolution has several advantages.

The foremost advantage of family mediation as a way of conflict resolution is that, the marriage can be salvaged. Since the family mediation Dorset process is usually informal ,the numerous rules that usually characterize a court driven process are usually absent. As a result the involved parties are usually more engaged and several differences that they thought were irreconcilable end up being ironed out. The mediator deals with the parties directly and hence instead of focusing his or her attention on their positions he or she can direct his or her attention to the individuals overriding interests.

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Another advantage of mediation that is noteworthy is the fact that mediation is relatively fast in comparison to a typical lawsuit that may drag on for ages.

Furthermore mediation is significantly less expensive when compared to a court case. The cost of employing a mediator pales when held in comparison to that of employing a lawyer.

Some organizations even offer mediation services for free for marital disputes in Dorset county.

Mediation is also confidential. This is in sharp contrast to a legal court case that is more often than not open to outsiders. During a later court case no evidence or records introduced during mediation can be presented.

The parties are hence freer during mediation and as a result the outcome may be more satisfactory. Greater flexibility in addition to control are also present in mediation .

The parties as a consequence have greater control over the outcome unlike in a bruising court battle where one of the parties must end up losing.

The outcomes of mediation are usually mutually satisfactory as a result of mutual compromise .The absence of guilt or innocence leads to greater satisfaction with the outcome. The compliance of the outcomes is therefore fairly high as a result of greater acceptance. It is therefore arguable that in most instances mediation often yields better results than divorce.

Divorce as a method of conflict resolution has several disadvantages. The leading disadvantage of divorce is that it compromises the sanctity of marriage as an institution. Marriage is an important facet of life since it is the very foundation of the family which is the building block of the society. People seek divorce as a quick fix to problems that may have their roots deep in the individuals personality and character.

Divorce offers no amicable solution to the couples problems and bad blood may exist between the formerly married individuals long after they have parted ways. This bad blood is especially harmful to the development of the individuals children.

The children are denied the wealth, comfort ,love and guidance of the family that is important in their future endeavors.

A new void in one’s life presents itself after divorce. Before divorce one is often oblivious or under values the significance of one’s partner hence the rush into divorce. More often than not the grounds of divorce are often petty. With time one realizes that the problems they had were not sufficient to warrant the divorce and regret and depression often set in.

With the onset of these two, myriads of problems may plague the individual. The problems may be behavioral such as using alcohol to cope or health related such as severe depression.

Divorce often leads to huge financial losses. In order to begin divorce proceedings one needs to employ the services of a divorce attorney. In addition to this, at the end of the proceedings the couples wealth is usually divided between the couple.

This has the consequence of reducing the financial muscle of the individuals.

More often than not the individual who contributed more to the acquisition of the wealth feels cheated. This may lead to depression which may pose serious health risks.

It is important to note that working with ones prevailing situation preceding the divorce may be easier than dealing with the social challenges after the divorce. For a formerly married couple dating again after a divorce may prove to be quite a challenge.

After separation the allure of having multiple sex partners may seem tempting and this would increase the individuals chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Mediation Dorset the perfect Solution

Divorce also has an extremely negative psychological impact on the divorcing individuals that affects their social behavior.

Despite family mediation and divorce separation in Dorset being legally recognized some cases genuinely call for divorce.

In cases where there is domestic violence, legal proceedings and subsequent criminal persecution is necessary irrespective of the gender, social or economic standing of the perpetrators. Justice should precede the need to maintain an outwardly successful marriage but an inwardly abusive one.

In cases where the reasons of divorce are genuine and irreconcilable enough to warrant a divorce the aggrieved individuals often report more personal growth.

It is better for one undergo the pain of divorce than to risk physical harm in an abusive marriage. None the less before the decision to divorce is arrived at , all family mediation options should be exhausted.

This will ensure the maintenance of the sanctity of the family and the continued success of the people of Dorset.

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