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Family mediation from Solent Family Mediation is different. Our staff of fully-qualified, professional mediators are experienced in family law, and will seek to resolve the complications of a partnership’s dissolution amicably, quickly and at a far lower cost than if judges and lawyers are involved. The mediation process is entirely voluntary and designed to accommodate all parties’ convenience. Contact us to take your first step towards resolving disagreements in a conciliatory, timely and professional manner.

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Why customers choose us in Sunbury

How Family Mediation in Bournemouth can help you?

Family mediation is an ideal option for resolving all kinds of problems without resorting to the legal system and the expense, worry and hassle that entails.

Solent Family Mediation can assist with numerous issues including financial and business disputes as well as other monetary issues such as pensions, savings and investments.

All aspects of parenting issues and family problems can be resolved using mediation. Divorcing or separating parents may need support relating to access to children, drawing up parental plans, dealing with the family home and division of assets as well as help with communication between parties and organising grandparents’ access to their grandchildren.

Our mediation service can be universally beneficial whether you are a mixed or same-sex couple, a grandparent or part of an extended family.

Qualified mediators are doing their utmost effort to achieve a positive result in disputes including the contact and domicile of children, personal finances, the distribution of property and much more. In addition, they aid to the improvement of the different degrees of cooperation between both parties.

If all else fails the courts are always an option in family disputes but should only be taken into consideration when other solutions haven’t been successful. The outcome of most mediation processes is positive which excludes the involvement of the courts.

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Don’t you just hate it when there are strings attached to a service?

We hate it too!

Hence, at Solent Family Mediation, we do not keep any hidden cost or surprises. There is absolutely no catch to our quotes.

We keep the cash flow process simple by allowing our clients to pay as they proceed.

Family Mediation Service is cheaper than approaching a lawyer. Family mediation services are definitely cheaper than hiring a lawyer or a solicitor.

Moreover, this kind of service also produce faster results and are more effective than opting for a solicitor’s help, which is a lengthy, troublesome and costly affair.

How Solent Family Mediation can save your family relationships

Often mediation leads to lesser resentment and better coexistence of all the parties involved as clients arrive at the final terms more peacefully, through amicable discussions.

Mediation is far less time consuming and a more cost effective method than potentially tedious legal proceedings.

The advantages of mediation consist of:

  • the ability to choose concerning child wardship and/or funds that are equally appropriate and well balanced to you both, while additionally prioritising the children throughout.
  • As issues can be managed in a practical manner throughout conferences, it is a cheaper way of attaining negotiation than taking part in costly Court proceedings or prolonged written settlements.
  • A versatile as well as all-encompassing method to trouble addressing that enables you to work at your own speed
    aids children see their parents complying to address issues in the future
  • It is feasible to include the assistance of other professional solutions, such as neutral family members specialists, as required.

Prior to starting mediation, the mediator will go over with each of you individually whether you want to attempt arbitration to settle future plans in between you, to ensure that you can each feel free to ask any kind of concerns concerning the process.
We can give an MIAM (i.e., if the Court/your lawyer has actually asked for that you attend an MIAM before submitting Court procedures).
We will arrange a joint conference if both of you are willing to come to arbitration after separate initial meetings. At the start of each meeting, we will certainly develop a schedule with each other to keep our conversations concentrated on your concerns.


The conciliator will certainly request certain relevant info from you in order to work toward an option that is finest for your specific situations, and will establish a day for a follow-up conference.
Conferences last roughly 1.5 hrs (3 to 5 sessions may be needed, however there can be essentially depending on your individual scenarios as well as dreams).
A mediation consultation can be arranged either before or after you see your very own lawyers (it is valuable to have had some legal guidance first). If you need guidance on certain issues that arise, you can both speak to your specific solicitors at any kind of time throughout the process.

Mediation wraps up (a) when your problems are dealt with; (b) when either of you determines not to continue with the process; or (c) when it is clear that mediation is not operating in your situation.
If the concerns are fixed, the arbitrator will certainly give you with written confirmation of your proposals (called a Memorandum of Understanding), which can work as the basis for an official arrangement prepared by your own solicitors, that will certainly deal with the rules of finalising this with the Court on your behalf if necessary.

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Service of Online Mediation

It’s straightforward and also hassle-free, and there’s no requirement to take a trip – our on the internet arbitration service is a superb method to take part in your initial meeting, called an Arbitration Information and also Analysis Satisfying (MIAM).

We provide video clip chat using FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp so you can inform us regarding your circumstance in your own words.

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